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United States

Job Title
District Manager
81889.60 - 110136.00 $ Annually
Office time
[Mon-Fri: 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM]
Fallon, United States
Job Type
Full Time On-site
01 August, 2024
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This position will be selected by a Board of Trustees and in a public meeting. All application paperwork, memos, and resumes may be considered public records.  


The District Manager, under the general direction of the Board of Trustees, acts as the executive officer of the District. This person organizes, plans, directs, and delegates the operations of the District, and represents the District and the Board of Trustees in its relations with the community, media, and other agencies. The District Manager handles a wide variety of complex managerial and technical mosquito and weed ecology functions, and programs and performs related work as required. This person acts with a high degree of discretion and integrity in making program, fiscal, operational, personnel, and technical entomological decisions under routine and emergency conditions. 

This job description is not intended to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties, or responsibilities required of the incumbent. Incumbents may be asked to perform other duties as required. 

Position Qualifications:        

The successful candidate must possess:

1.     Bachelor’s degree in entomology, agriculture, biological science, or a closely related discipline; AND two or more years of experience in management; OR an equivalent combination of education, training, and field experience to accomplish the requirements of this position as determined by the hiring committee.

2.     Must apply for, obtain, and maintain State certification in mosquito and noxious weed control, public health, and pesticide usage.

3.     Oral communication skills sufficient to discuss and explain all elements of the District’s mosquito, vector, and noxious weed abatement programs to the public.

4.     Financial skills sufficient to handle the District’s expenses, coordinate payroll and payment of expenditures with the District’s accountant, prepare the District’s annual budget, and coordinate money transfers with the bank and Nevada Local Government Investment Pool. Communicates with State fiscal officers.

5.     Writing skills sufficient to clearly express ideas, prepare reports, and communicate with all levels of other agencies and the public.

6.     Reading skills sufficient to understand technical and ecological publications.

7.     A valid Nevada driver’s license and be insurable by the District’s insurance carrier.


Physical Characteristics:     

The successful candidate must possess:

1.     Good vision to be able to do a variety of tasks ranging from working in the field and in the sun, in the laboratory with a microscope for entomological assessments, on the computer for documentation and recordkeeping, and in the field for both observing different stages of mosquitoes in the water and observing various stages of weed identification and growth to determine the course of treatment.

2.     Ability to speak well enough to present and explain information to the public.

3.     Ability to spend prolonged time in the field exposed to adverse weather conditions.

4.     Maturity, self-motivation, and professional demeanor.

5.     Physical stamina to meet the demands of the job including walking, lifting, mechanical repairs, etc. 


Duties and Responsibilities:

 These include but are not limited to:

1.     Plan, direct, and coordinate the operation of the District and act as chief administrative officer for the Board of Trustees.

2.     Subject to Board approval, develop and implement program policies and procedures. Determine program objectives and priorities and assess the need for program changes.

3.     Define the organizational structure, divisions, and assignment of functions and lines of authority to carry out the District’s purpose, including business, technical, scientific, and operating functions. Recommend salary structure and working conditions and plan and maintain an employee relations program.

4.     Recruit, select, assign, direct, supervise, review, and evaluate the work of the employees. Establish and maintain performance standards.

5.     Plan, direct, and conduct ongoing training for the District personnel to ensure that staff has training available to fulfill and maintain certification for the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

6.     Evaluate program operations, coordinate work among staff, confer with staff regarding progress and problems, and provide consultation and assistance if necessary.

7.     Direct special studies in problem areas, provide for the performance of technical and/or scientific research to develop effective mosquito and noxious weed control, and plan and modify control efforts as needed.

8.     Prepare and administer the annual budget, including analysis and justifications, and present it to the Board of Trustees for approval.

9.     Coordinate payroll and other accounting activities with the District’s accounting contractor and maintain budgetary controls over expenditures.

10. Direct the effective use of District equipment and staff. Oversee the keeping of records for operations, and preventative maintenance of equipment, vehicles, and the facility.

11. Plan, develop, and direct a program of public relations and community education. Prepare news releases and give presentations before community groups and other organizations regarding the District and its mosquito and weed control programs. Represent the District in public relations with the news media and the public. Guide a mosquito and weed ecology school education program.

12. Confer with attorneys and secure legal assistance as needed and ensure compliance of District services with legal requirements.

13. Coordinate the District’s program with those of other public agencies and private organizations to effect and stimulate projects favorable to the prevention and control of mosquitoes and noxious weeds.

14. Prepare the agenda and presentation materials for Board of Trustee meetings. Represent the District at various meetings with local, state, and federal officials.

15. Keep informed of the latest developments in mosquito/vector and weed ecology/control, applicable legislation, and related issues. Read professional literature and participate in professional organizations.

16. Conduct studies of mosquito population ecology using various methods, identification of larval and adult specimens, and prepare records.

17. Supervise the District’s encephalitis monitoring program with testing done through the Department of Agriculture and any other lab, as needed.

18. Conduct studies of noxious weed ecology using various methods, identify plant/weed specimens, and prepare records.

19. Conduct field studies to determine the efficiency of pesticides, develop pesticide application methods, participate in the development/modification of application equipment, and coordinate aerial applications with an aerial contractor.

20. Evaluate the effectiveness of operations, control methods, and chemicals and develop modifications to operational techniques/chemicals if necessary.

21. Plan source reduction programs to reduce or eliminate environmental factors favorable to mosquito populations.

22. Provide consultation in entomology, mosquito, and weed ecology. Work with public agencies, private organizations, and the public involved in activities that can affect mosquito and weed populations.

23. Respond to any man-made or naturally occurring vector outbreaks or events or diseases.

24. Attends meetings and maintains liaisons to ensure preparedness efforts.

25. Represents the District with dignity, integrity, and a spirit of communication in all relationships with staff and the public.  


Working Conditions:

The successful candidate may be exposed to pesticides, communicable diseases, other health hazards, inclement weather conditions, and potentially random verbally abusive behavior from hostile individuals.


The District reserves the right to modify, delete, augment, or supplement the duties, qualifications, and requirements stated above at its sole and absolute discretion.