March 29, 2022

Our 2022 weed and mosquito season has started! Churchill County Mosquito, Vector & Noxious Weed Abatement District Field Technicians have started going out in the County laying down pre-emergent and are monitoring the beginning of our irrigation season.

Midges come out 2-3 weeks before mosquitos, this may be what the public is seeing at this time. The weather has not been consistently warm enough yet, and we have not seen the type of standing water ideal for mosquito breeding. If you are ever in doubt, please feel free to contact us and let us know your concerns.

Midge, similar body shape and style of a mosquito. Lacking the proboscis that allows mosquitos to bite.

Our administration has been working on compiling a list of yard working crews in the area that are available to clean up private yards. Churchill County Mosquito, Vector & Noxious Weed Abatement District does not control weeds on private property. If you are a local crew and would like your business to be on our list, please contact us via our contact form or give us a call.

We appreciate each and every call that we receive. If you see any standing water, suspicious weeds, or would like to voice any concerns or questions you may have, please call us! Every call helps us do our work more efficiently.


The mission of the Churchill County Mosquito Vector and Noxious Weed Abatement District is to suppress mosquito and noxious weed populations on public lands to protect agriculture, reduce health risks, and improve the quality of outdoor activities in Churchill County.

Leg Count- This is an example of one way we assess how prominent the adult mosquitoes are in a given area. Depending on how many mosquitoes land on the technician’s legs within thirty seconds, this will help determine the concentration of the swarm, the species present, and how to proceed with treating the area. When we receive a service request one of our first responses is with this field assessment.