It is theorized that there are certain factors that can make mosquitos more likely to bite you. For more information check out this article here

Once you’ve been bit, all the preventive measures like insect repellent aren’t going to stop that mosquito bite from swelling. For some remedies on how to stop the itching, check out this article here

We treat various species of adult and juvenile mosquitoes indigenous to Lahontan Valley. We test species of mosquitoes that are competent vectors of mosquito born illnesses. We treat noxious weeds on public county, state, and other easements. We only respond to other vectors of disease such as fleas, bats, mice, etc. when sanctioned/and or requested by state. To find someone to treat one of these other vectors check with the Department of Agriculture here.

During the day the staff performs surveillance and treatment of juvenile and adult mosquitoes. By doing surveillance, the staff knows where they need to treat. For juvenile mosquitoes, the staff uses a number of different larvacides to treat the larva in the water. You can check this out on our YouTube video under the Prevention and Protection tab. After dusk management traps adult mosquitoes through the use of CO2 traps and dry ice and collects the adult mosquitoes in the morning to be tested for viruses carried by mosquitoes. At night staff also performs ground adulticide treatments through fogging or where situations dictate our pilots will perform aerial adulticide treatments.

No. Dry ice will lure the mosquitoes in, but won’t kill them or even capture them on its own. We use a netted fan to capture the mosquitoes after the dry ice lures them in. If you place dry ice out in your yard all you will do is lure all the mosquitoes to the dry ice without any way to contain them.

No. The mosquito species that carries the Zika virus is not indigenous to Nevada . All mosquitoes that we have captured in the Lahontan Valley and sent for testing have not shown to be carriers of the Zika virus. The species that does carry the virus is however been established in the San Joaquin Valley, Southern California, and Arizona. They can be transported by vehicles from established areas.

No. COVID19 is a respiratory virus that cannot be transmitted through the blood, so mosquitoes of any species cannot be carriers.

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